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Uno Extras Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Uno Extras?
    Uno Extras is a program designed to rewards our guests for their loyalty to Unos. Members will earn 5 points for every dollar spent on food and beverages, before tax and tip. Once 800 points are accumulated, a reward of $10 will be added to that account. There will also be surprise reward opportunities from time to time that you will receive notification on your Uno Extras app or via email.

  • How do I join Uno Extras?
    The easiest way is to down the Uno Extras app from the App Store or Play Store on your mobile device and sign up there. Or, you can sign up from the Unos website at

  • Does it cost anything to join?
    No, it’s completely free to join.

  • Is Uno Extras available at all Unos Restaurants?
    Yes, Uno Extras is available at every Uno location.

  • Do I have to provide an email address?
    Yes, you do. Opting into email communication is a great way to learn about special exclusive offers and rewards for members. However, in your profile on the app, you can opt out of email communication.

  • Do I have to provide my birthday?
    Yes, you do have to provide your birthday so that we can help you celebrate by sending you a special birthday coupon! Your birthday coupon will be issued as long as you have visited UNO and spent a minimum of $20 (dine in or takeout) within 11 months of your birthday.

  • Do I have to provide my phone number?
    Yes, you do have to provide a phone number for your account, as this is one way that you can connect your check to your account should you not have access to the Uno Extras app during your visit. You will not receive SMS marketing unless you opt in to receive it.

  • When will my points appear in my account?
    Points will appear on your account shortly after the connected check is closed.

  • How quickly will I receive my initial reward for signing up?
    You will receive a confirmation email shortly after signing up for Uno Extras, and you will see your initial reward for a free individual pizza show up within 24 hours.

  • When can I redeem my rewards?
    As soon as they show up on your account you are able to redeem them.

  • Can I use my coupon as well as my Extras dollars?
    Yes you can. Only one coupon or discount is permitted per check outside of your Extras dollars. This means you cannot use your coupon along with a takeout deal, but it can be used in conjunction with your Extras dollars.

  • Do I earn points for everything I purchase?
    Yes, you earn points for all food and beverage purchases. You will not earn points for purchasing gift cards.

  • Can I redeem my Extras dollars on any purchases?
    You may redeem your Extras dollars on all food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases.

  • Do I earn points for buying a gift card?
    No, you will not earn points for purchasing gift cards.

  • Can I earn points when ordering catering?
    Yes you can.

  • How do I connect my check to my account so that I earn and redeem my rewards?
    There are two ways to do this. You can provide the server/bartender/host with your phone number that they can enter into the system. Or, you can click the “Loyalty Check-In Code” button on your app, this will provide you with a four digit code that you can then give to your server/bartender/host to enter into the system. Both of these methods will connect your check to your account, allowing you to redeem the rewards you have available.

    When ordering pick-up or delivery in the app or online, simply sign into your account prior to ordering to earn or redeem rewards.

  • What should I do when I want to redeem my Extras dollars or a coupon?
    You should inform your server/bartender/host which coupons or Extras dollars you would like to apply to your check. They will then apply the appropriate rewards to your check.

  • I used to receive coupons in my email, will I still be receiving those?
    The coupons will be shared with you via your Uno Extras account so that they are available in the same place as your reward dollars. You will still receive updates about Unos through your email if you choose to, to let you know about upcoming changes and new menu items.

  • I had an account with your last Uno app, what will happen to my beer club, pizza club and lunch club punches?
    Your punches will be converted into a special reward (aside from the initial signing up reward) that you will see in your account within 24 hours of signing up.

  • Will there still be a lunch club?
    The Uno Extras program replaces all of the previous clubs and programs combining the joy of rewards into one all-encompassing package.

  • Do my rewards expire?
    Al Uno Extras dollars expire after 60 days. Any coupons or promotions will have their own expiration date listed.

  • Can I use my Extras dollars to purchase a gift card?
    No, Extras dollars cannot be redeemed for gift cards.

  • Can I use part of my Extras dollars and save the remainder?
    Yes. If you use your Extras dollars and the total of the bill is less than what you have available, you will see the remainder of your Extras dollars still on your account after the bill is settled.

  • Can I transfer my rewards to another member?
    No, each account is unique and rewards cannot be transferred between accounts.

  • Is there a limit to how many rewards I can have in my wallet at one time?
    No! The more you dine at Unos, the more rewards you will receive.

  • When I redeem my rewards on a check, will I still earn points for that check as well?
    Yes, you will still earn points for the dollars spent after applying any coupons or rewards.

  • Who should I contact if I have an issue with my account or I did not receive rewards?
    Please use this form to request help with the Uno Extras program. If you are missing points from a visit we will need the following information: Date of visit, Check #, Check Amount.

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