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October 31, 2011

New café brings tantalizing new tastes and fresh food options to downtown businesses and residents

BOSTON, MASS., October 31, 2011 - Imagine this: A marketplace filled with the aroma of fresh baked bread, artisan cooks hand-stretching whole-grain dough into thin crust pizzas and baking them in the Wood Stone® oven as they are ordered. There's a wall of various kinds of lettuce and greens from which salad maestros make every salad to order with over 40 ingredients and fixings. And to the right, platters of delectable, sweet pastries piled high. Imagine that same place offers you takeout when you're on the go, while also presenting a place to regroup, get centered and regain your focus while you rest in front of the fire or gather with friends at a community table for when your schedule is more open. It's a place that, as warm, inviting and contemporary as it looks, serves food that tastes even better. This place exists, and it's called Uno Dué Go (, the new fast-casual concept restaurant just opened by Boston-based Uno's at 52 Summer Street in the Downtown Crossing area of Boston. It's the first corporate-owned location of the highly successful three-year-old concept and will serve as the brand's flagship restaurant.

"Every menu item at Uno Dué Go has a story, starting with the deep dish pizza Uno's invented in 1943," says Jamie Strobino, Uno's senior vice president, new concept development. "Take our grilled cheese sandwich - it was created after a three-month odyssey to find the world's best grilled cheese sandwich and improve on it. And we're very proud of our final creation which combines Cabot® aged Cheddar, cheese curds from Maplebrook Farms and roasted tomato jam with Dijon and honey on sourdough."

"We've also got these intoxicatingly good muffins," Strobino adds. "They're non-alcoholic, but inspired by Uno's wildly popular cocktails, like the cranberry pomegranate margarita, the Callebaut® chocolate mint mudslide and the lemon drop martini. These fun treats are based on Uno's tradition of melding distinctive tastes and flavors and using them in innovative ways."

Surrounded on two sides by glass, Uno Dué Go welcomes you from the street, beckoning passersby to come in and indulge in a profusion of fulfilling, intensely flavorful choices. The dining area can be used for meetings or intimate get-togethers with friends. Guests will also enjoy complimentary wi-fi and an eclectic mix of music to enhance the experience. Mayor Thomas M. Menino says, "Uno Dué Go's new café will build on the energy and vitality of the growing Downtown Boston Improvement District, which has added 44 new businesses in the last 18 months, a clear sign that entrepreneurs want to invest in the neighborhood." Between building the site and staffing the location, the new Uno Dué Go has created 60 jobs. This location is one of the cornerstones of the revitalization efforts in Downtown Crossing.

Ingredients at Uno Dué Go are all natural, organic and locally-sourced whenever possible within a 300-mile radius, which ensures the freshness and quality of the food, as well as reduces the carbon footprint. Their coffee is organic and roasted in Massachusetts, the granola is from Maine and the bacon comes from humanely-raised pork from a farm in New Hampshire.

"Uno Dué Go is special. It's been almost four years in the making. We started with a blank sheet and spent hours, days and weeks in passionate creation of a concept; ingredient-by-ingredient, item-by-item, brick-by-brick, to build something that has no equal in the fast casual world of restaurants. A lot of our soul has been poured into this and we hope our guests will love it as much as we do," says Uno's president and CEO Frank Guidara, and the creator of the Uno Dué Go concept. "This flagship location will be the gold standard for Uno Dué Go cafés all over the country." Because Uno's is dedicated to caring for guests with food allergies and providing nutritional information and choices, an electronic kiosk is available providing a comprehensive guide to all menu items and ingredients.

The opening of this Boston Uno Dué Go follows an announcement that franchisee, FGR Food Corporation, is planning to open 30 new Uno Dué Go locations across the state of Texas. FGR owns and operates the first two Uno Dué Go locations that opened in December 2008 in the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Both of those locations have had a phenomenal three years of double-digit sales growth. Two other franchise locations - at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and Cleveland State University - are also highly successful.

The new site for Uno Dué Go is just part of Uno's growth story. Uno's has new full-service restaurants opening both domestically and internationally, and is gaining momentum in its quick service concept, Uno Express, and its consumer packaged food line, Uno Foods.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, with 28 locations and approximately 1,700 employees within the state, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes 150 company-owned and franchised restaurants located in 24 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and approximately 9,000 employees worldwide. Uno's mission is to deliver intensely flavorful, delicious and nutritious food in an environment of heartfelt hospitality, and was named America's Healthiest Chain Restaurant by Health magazine. The Company also operates fast casual Uno Dué Go cafés, a quick service concept called Uno Express and Uno Foods, their consumer package and foodservice manufacturing division. For more information, visit or The blog address is

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