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October 3, 2011

Along with ground-breaking new deep dish crust, three new deep dish pizzas and three new grilled pizzas introduced

BOSTON, MASS., October 3, 2011 - Nearly 70 years after inventing deep dish pizza, Uno's is introducing a new deep dish crust in honor of National Pizza Month. Uno's invented deep dish pizza in 1943 and this is another industry first. The nine-grain deep dish crust - which likely cannot be found anywhere else in the world - will be unveiled today at most Uno's locations and will be offered for a limited time: October 4-31. Also on the menu for the month are three new deep dish pizza flavors and three new grilled pizzas with all-natural, multi-grain thin crusts.

"Because we are so passionate about pizza, we decided to do something that's never been done," says Chris Gatto, executive chef at Uno's. "Uno's invented deep dish pizza and now we've taken it to a whole new level - a level that everyone is going to love. We've added a nine-grain crust that is so flaky, buttery and sweet you'll forget it's healthier. It tastes incredible and has a crunch that makes it memorable."

Just like their original deep dish crust, Uno's will be making the new nine-grain deep dish crust fresh every day in every restaurant. Although it will be featured on the three new deep dish offerings, the crust can be ordered for any of the deep dish pizzas on the menu, just like a multi-grain crust can be ordered for any of Uno's thin crust pizzas. The new nine-grain crust is a wheat base with rye, corn grits, brown rice, oat flakes, triticale flakes, soy grits, flax seed, millet and barley, and even contains sunflower seeds for an extra crunch. Not only is it incredibly tasty, it has less fat and sodium, and more fiber than the traditional deep dish crust.

Also new for National Pizza Month are three grilled pizzas. The grilling technique enhances the flavors in the special varieties they are offering: Grilled Bacon, Cheddar & Tomato, Grilled Fire Roasted Sweet Red Pepper, and Grilled Rustica with sun-dried and roasted cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, caramelized onions, feta and goat cheeses. The limited-time deep dish pizzas are Buffalo Chicken, Chicken & Wild Mushroom and Roasted Vegetable, Caramelized Onions & Goat Cheese.

"Flavor is what Uno's is all about and the grilling process adds a layer of flavor and gives the crust a little more crunch," adds Gatto. "Grilling these new recipes really makes the flavors come to life. I can't wait for our guests to try them."

The six new pizzas made just for National Pizza Month are the perfect combination of indulgent and delicious and nutritious that helps Uno's guests balance their lives.

Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes 150 company-owned and franchised restaurants located in 24 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and approximately 9,000 employees worldwide. Based in Boston, UNO's mission is to deliver intensely flavorful, delicious and nutritious food in an environment of heartfelt hospitality, and was named America's Healthiest Chain Restaurant by Health magazine. The Company also operates a fast casual café concept called Uno Dué Go, a quick service concept called Uno Express and a consumer packaged foods business which supplies airlines, movie theatres, hotels, airports, travel plazas, schools and supermarkets with both frozen and refrigerated private-label foods and Uno branded products. For more information, visit

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