Pizza Lover, Chef's Biggest Fan, and Uno's Newest and Brightest Rising Star.

Did you see the little cooking show Chef and I put together a few weeks ago? For some reason they won't put the episodes on the homepage but here's a little secret: Bruno's almost as good at HTML as he is at eating pizza. So you know I threw this little page together. Anyway if you're feeling as completely nuts as I am about these new craft pizza and beer pairings at Uno's, you're probably looking for ways to get more for less.

Well Bruno's got an inside deal for ya...

$5 Offer

Just tell them Bruno sent you.

And if they say "Who's Bruno?" just say remember that guy who keeps coming in insiting it's all-you-can-eat pizza day?
They'll remember.

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Check it out, Ma! I'm on tv


I’ve been doing a little consulting on the side helping my good friend Chef Andre pick these
pizza-beer pairings so, you know, they’re pretty much the best thing you’ve ever tasted.
And I should know – I’ve tasted all of them.

Chicago Original
Meat Market & Stout

Dive mouth-first into this delicious
meat pool. With a stout in you hand
you get to be the lifeguard

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Chicago's Finest
Spicy Hawwaiian + IPA

They put the BIG in kahuna with this
one, just make sure you wash all that
spice down with a nice refreshing IPA.

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Chicago's Finest BBQ
Chicken + Saison

There are few things I like as much
as tomato sauce but one of em's barbecue
sauce. B-B-Q as Ma likes to say.

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