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Frank W. Guidara
Chief Executive Officer

Frank Guidara has been at the helm as President and CEO of Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation - parent of Uno Chicago Grill, Uno Dué Go, Uno Express and Uno Foods - since 2005. In those few years, the company has been transformed into a multi-concept brand, yet speaks in a single brand voice that serves millions of consumers in a large variety of venues, channels and points of distribution.

Whether serving a delicious, healthy dinner at Uno Chicago Grill; providing nutritious, great tasting 'quick-casual' items for 'on-the-go' consumers at Uno Dué Go; offering a fast slice of pizza at a Club Store, travel venue or college with Uno Express, or feeding a family a classic Uno Deep Dish Pizza purchased at a supermarket, the essence of the brand is great tasting food and genuine hospitality. This is the hallmark of Frank's career.

Frank is directly responsible for the upgrade and evolution of Uno Chicago Grill, evidenced by the awards the company recently received as "The Healthiest Chain Restaurant in America" by Health magazine, one of the four top "Best Family Restaurants" by Parents magazine, as well as AOL's's designation as one of the "Best Recession Restaurant Deals."

He was the first to create and implement a nutrition kiosk in every lobby, first during his tenure at Au Bon Pain and then at Uno. Each kiosk outlines every relevant nutritional, dietary and health-related fact about Uno food and beverage. Currently, Uno's kiosks receive well over one million distinct consumer 'hits' a year.

He has successfully managed every restaurant type in all key segments. He achieved superior results at Ground Round as a senior operations executive. As president of Restaurant Associates' Restaurant Division, he managed concepts as diverse as Charlie Brown's, The Brasserie, The Sea Grill, food service at the Metropolitan Opera and the massive operation that supports the US Tennis Open. When he took over Wolfgang Puck Foods, he oversaw Puck's full-service operations as well as both Wolfgang Puck Express and Wolfgang Puck retail products.

When he arrived at Au Bon Pain, he resuscitated the concept, upgrading personnel, improving the quality of ingredients and methods of preparation while expanding Au Bon Pain's penetration through strategic expansion in traditional and emerging channels of distribution.

He is seen by many in the main-stream press as a 'thought leader' and a go-to person when they need intelligent, insightful analysis regarding the state of the industry.

Uno Dué Go
With the entirely new fast-casual concept, Uno Dué Go, he's devised a menu whose hallmark is high-flavored, nutritionally-enhanced products that are freshly produced for quick service. Working off of the central product - our crown jewel - of deep-dish pizza, the menu offers a large assortment of delicious, wholesome sandwiches, salads and flatbreads, designed to fit the lifestyle of an affluent guest on the go.

The concept incorporates Frank's iron-clad promise to offer a level of genuine hospitality that simply does not exist in the fast-casual segment. Because it removes stress from the guest's experience, it creates a way for the organization to live one of its (and his) core ideologies - to provide the guest a 'warm and inviting atmosphere'.

Uno Express
Mouth-watering, 'to-die-for' pizza crust is at the core of Uno Express. Surrounding that crown jewel is a contemporary design and speedy delivery system to give the guest a 'best-in-class' Uno pizza experience in a 'quick serve' environment. The guest can take a hot slice or individual deep-dish pizza and consume it right there or take it home. Whatever the case, because the experience is 'best-in-class' for the venue, they are more inclined than ever to visit the mother ship, Uno Chicago Grill.

Frank 'gives back'
Frank was one of the creators of the 'Rising Star' program sponsored by the California Restaurant Association. It recognizes some of the management and line personnel in the units for outstanding achievement and personal qualities. He brought the program to Massachusetts, where the Massachusetts Restaurant Association now runs a similar program.

Frank received a BS in Restaurant and Hotel Management in 1968 from the University of Massachusetts' School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, who awarded him their UMASS Distinguished Alumni Award in 2002. In addition, he previously served as an advisor to the School of School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Board.

He is veteran of the United States Army, having achieved the rank of First Lieutenant during his tour in Vietnam from 1969-1971. He is the Chairman for the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, a member of its Executive Committee and was inducted into the Massachusetts Restaurant Hall of Fame in November of 2005. He is also one of the three restaurateurs in the country who are members of the Nutrition Roundtable for the Harvard School of Public Health.

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